About Us


Falkenheim Invest AB is a Swedish based company that owns and sells the products under the brand name MAUS™. Falkenheim Invest ABs headquarter & warehouse is situated in Lidköping, Sweden. Falkenheim Invest AB has worked with this innovative technology since 2013.


Falkenheim Invest S.L. is Spanish company that is owned by Falkenheim Invest AB and has its headquarter and warehouse in Marbella, Spain. The aim for Falkenheim Invest S.L. is to be closer to the South European Market and also act as a logsitics hub for Falkenheim Invest AB.  


Andreas C. Norlin was on the highway in 2012 when there was an accident in front of his car and there was smoke coming out of the hood of the car. It soon developed into a fire and none of the 5 cars that stopped had any kind of fire extinguisher at hand to extinguish the fire. One car had a 2 kg powder extinguisher in the back of the car. But it had been there for over 5 years and it just produced a white cloud and was not doing anything to extinguish the fire. Once he got it out from the back of the car the flames had grown bigger under the car. And the car eventually became a burning inferno.

He thought about this and said: There must be a fire suppression unit that should be able to kill fires, be close at hand for a quick response and that can last for a longer time without any maintenance and check-ups. That was when MAUS was invented.

"You will never be farther away from our products than an arms length.

Through accessibilty and versatility we will be able to save more lives and more material possessions.

Our products are small, but powerful. The technology we use is residue free.

Welcome to a revolution within fire safety. Welcome to my vision."

Andreas C. Norlin
Founder MAUS


Johann Philip Maus was a German firefighter and inventor who in the mid-1800 's dedicated his life to improving the technology and techniques of fire fighting and saving lives. 
In those days the firefighters were volunteers that acted as the village heroes.

Johann wasn't afraid to put himself in danger of testing his ideas and proving that his ideas could make a difference and save more lives.

It is the legacy of Johann who has given us the name of the innovative brand MAUS. Our goal, in the same way as Johanns, is to contribute with innovation to make every home, vehicle and building a safer place.

MAUS is a tribute to a man who was ahead of his time. Just like the products under the MAUS brand.



The MAUS logo contains of a bears head. Many can not see this and it can take a long time to figure that out. The bear represents the power inside the MAUS Xtin Klein and the name MAUS also represents something small. So, something small but yet very powerful.